The idea behind our ‘quoted cases’ came from our never ending love for quotes.
At Louisiana Copenhagen we are trying to give you everything from funny quotes to emotional to motivating, to whatever you may need in your everyday life. Quotes does have a power, do any of you know those periods in life where half of your cameraroll, is stuffed up with quotes!?(life sucks kind of quotes ofc. tehe.) Or the feeling of waking up one morning, feeling motivated like never before, and then that’s when you replace all of those sad quotes with motivating, life changing quotes… Yes.. We are all going through those emotional changes in our everyday life. That’s when the idea came up.
This is a great way to say “Fuck this shit, I’m out.” without actually saying it..
Or maybe give you that last push to motivate yourself! Or maybe you just find it nice having something to read everyday, you can relate to. whatever you need we will give you.
 Our silicone quoted cases will give you the best of both worlds, a fashionable, relatable, protective phone case! Embrace every single mood, take good care of yourself and your phone with our quoted cases.