Since we started in March 2020 we've been working hard on the design of quotes and the quality of the cases. A phone case mission is not to just look cute, it is also very important to us that it will minimize and protect your phone from possible damages. We've been brainstorming new ideas everyday in the team, we have a lot coming and big plans for Louisiana Copenhagen as a brand, we do not just see Louisiana Copenhagen as a phone case provider, we see ourself as a growing family, who can make our customers feel safe and satisfied with their purchase.
"CEO/Founder E.D.F" I've always been a creator with a very creative personality, the idea of building things from scratch and watching it grow into its purpose is so fascinating to me. My vision for Louisiana Copenhagen is to be a brand that succeeds with being affordable to everyone, quality does not have to be expensive, we want our customers to feel a part of something bigger, and for them to be fully satisfied with their purchase. We want to invite you all in on our dreams and make you a part of an amazing journey. 


It's important for us to be fully transparent with you. 
We've been working very hard to find the best of the best manufacturers and through a member of our team, we work with a manufacture in Shenzhen, China.
We've made a strong relationship with our manufacture and we are proud to say that we strongly believe we've found some of the best people to work with, that strive for the highest quality just as we do ourself. It's also important for us that all of our product are made under good working conditions. We do not mass produce products, we simply only produce the amount we need, everyone should participate when it comes to helping our earth, even if it's only little things, because little things from us all makes a whole lot of difference.