"If you can read this" Case

  • 149,00 kr
  • 149,00 kr

IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU'RE TOO CLOSE!. Keep your distance peeps... We don't want any trouble. This is the perfect phone case to kindly remind people on the bus, in the train or even in the line in your local grocery store buying your favorite snacks, to stay out of your personal space. We designed this to all of you who hate that one person, coming up to sit right next to you in an empty bus. I mean... keep that distance please. What better way to kindly remind the outside world, that you're kind of introvert and like your personal space in some situations, than trough your phone. a lot of us are looking at our phones when were heading somewhere, this is a kind, little message, people defiantly can read while you're with your phone. Our silicone cases gives you the best of both worlds, a fashionable, relatable, protective phone case! Embrace every single mood, take good care of yourself and your phone through our silicone cases.

  • Crystal clear silicone case
  • Front/back + camera coverage.