"I cant explain, but ill find a song" Case

  • 149,00 kr
  • 149,00 kr

I CAN'T EXPLAIN, BUT I'LL FIND A SONG THAT CAN!. Hands up if you can relate! we can. That's the beauty about music, it has it's own way of expressing emotions and moods. This silicone case can go with every style and every mood. We designed this to all of you music addicts, who adds relatable songs to playlist after playlist. What better way to express this than trough your phone. Embrace it! and keep that music vibe going! Our silicone cases gives you the best of both worlds, a fashionable, relatable, protective phone case! Embrace every single mood, take good care of yourself and your phone through our silicone cases.

  • Crystal clear silicone case
  • Front/back + camera coverage.