"The world is yours." Case

  • 119,00 kr
  • 149,00 kr

THE WORLD IS YOURS. This is one of our favorites, it’s a sentence we should tell ourself more often. We designed this to help you remind yourself in the best way that YOU are absolutely everything you want to be. The world is yours, if you want it. What better way to remind yourself these things than trough your phone, a lot of us are looking at our phones too many times a day, but treat your mind and soul with this sentence and then looking at your phone too many hours per day maybe isn't that bad. Our silicone cases gives you the best of both worlds, a fashionable, relatable, protective phone case! Embrace every single mood, take good care of yourself and your phone through our silicone cases.

  • Crystal clear silicone case
  • Front/back + camera coverage.