"Why are you looking at my phone?" Case

  • 109,00 kr
  • 149,00 kr

WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY PHONE? This one's funny.. Have you noticed yourself looking at the most random things on your way to school or work.. you're sitting in the train listening to music and maybe without even noticing, you're sitting watching the man in front of you, because what else is there to look at.. people are doing this to you as well (tehe)... We designed this to you who thinks it's fun to make the outside world aware of what there randomly looking at in the train... I mean reading this as a person in the train is a bit awkward (haha) What better way to make people aware of those things than trough your phone. Our silicone cases gives you the best of both worlds, a fashionable, relatable, protective phone case! Embrace every single mood, take good care of yourself and your phone through our silicone cases.

  • Crystal clear silicone case
  • Front/back + camera coverage.